If you’re looking for more engaging content for your business, then check out the services below to find out about the projects I can help you with.

The amount of research required and content written, deadlines, and scope are just a few of the factors that determine the exact price of a particular project. Please contact me for a current fee schedule.

Blog Posts 

Blog posts are a great way to build authority and trust with your audience and show you’re up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry. And when distributed through social media, blog posts can help grow your audience like weeds.



You may not think of brochures as a gold nugget of marketing, but they are. When condensing the most relevant information about your business into a portable document, you can easily place it in the hands of the busy, on-the-go prospect.



Corporate Bios 

Want your audience to feel more connected to your company? Then don’t forget to add bios to your website and other relevant materials. When you showcase your experience, skills, and achievements—with a touch of personal info—you can show the world you’re a flesh-and-blood human and not some online robot.


Email Marketing 

With focused headlines and targeted body copy, email is an effective and increasingly popular marketing tool to keep in touch with leads and customers and increase conversion rates. It’s also a cost-effective method to reach tons of people with a simple click of the “send” button.



Landing Pages 

Have a product you want to promote or something specific you want to bring attention to? Then landing pages exist for that very purpose. And when provided with an opt-in feature, you can keep in touch with prospects and customers through email and other marketing methods.



Print Ads 

Although there’s a huge market for ads on the internet in today’s digital age, it’s not the only place for them. Ads in magazines, newsletters, and other printed materials still play a vital role in marketing to businesses and consumers. Studies also show that they’re more memorable than those found online.



Product Descriptions 

Show-and-tell are what product descriptions are all about. When described with clarity and persuasiveness, they can win over skeptics and turn them into buyers. And don’t forget to load up on the benefits!



Sales Letters 

Though seen as dated by some, sales letters are still a popular form of marketing to generate immediate sales. You can attract prospects and win customers by addressing their specific concerns and tapping into their innermost desires.



Video Scripts 

When you want to turn your marketing content up a notch, then video scripts are a fun way to engage your audience. By combining copy with visuals and sound, people can learn about your company, product, or service through this entertaining medium.



Web Content 

Whether you’re running a business from a brick-and-mortar store or from the basement of your home, a web presence is a must-have. It’s often a prospect’s first point of contact with your business, and it should give them what they’re looking for while written in an engaging, informative, and easy-to-read style.


Looking for something you don’t see here? Contact me anyway, and we’ll see if I can help you.