Here’s something about me: I’m not too keen on writing about me. And I doubt you’re dying to learn my life’s story. So I’ll keep it short—like bullet-list short—so we’ll both be happy.

• I began freelance writing in 2011 so I could pursue what I love and flee the 9-5 corporate world (which I did in 2012).

• What I specifically fled was the financial industry, where I had worked for ten years in New York City.

• In the early 2000s, I had done copyediting and proofreading work in, yep, the financial industry. I enjoyed copyediting enough that I became certified in 2015.

• I wrote as a generalist but transitioned into the pet industry niche when I realized I enjoy it the most (along with healthcare).

• I have a bachelor’s degree in English, but it’s had little influence on my copywriting career. Instead, experience and self-study have been my guides.

• On a personal note, I love traveling, reading, watching classic movies (the Jimmy Stewart-Barbara Stanwyck-Jack Lemmon-Doris Day-kind of classic movies), watching dark television shows like The Walking Dead and Les Revenants, cooking, and, most of all, spending tons of time with my Schnoodle dog Lucy.

OK, that wasn’t too painful for me. And if you’ve read this far, I guess it wasn’t too painful for you either.

Now tell me a little about you!